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Traditionally, breast augmentation is associated with a considerable amount of pain and downtime but this no longer needs to be the case

Incision & Placement Options

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There are several options as to where to make the incision. There is no single superior location; all have advantages and disadvantages based upon your anatomy, your tissue characteristics and the type implant selected. Whenever human skin is cut, a scar will form and nothing can change this biology. However, proper decision making and planning can result in a very acceptable scar in the vast majority of cases. The choice of incision is not just about where the patient wants their scar; it is also about, and maybe more importantly so, where the surgeon needs to make the incision so as to get the most satisfactory access to create a pocket for the implant that will yield the most ideal breast overall. This factor is again based upon the three factors cited above: anatomy, tissues and implant type. It is advised to discuss this important topic with your surgeon during your consultation.

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